Dust allergy?

Forget about your allergies in Josl

Those who suffer from dust allergies know them all too well – a constant cold, itchy eyes, sore throat and asthmatic reactions caused by dust mites. The kind of things that can ruin your entire holiday. There is only one place where those who suffer from dust allergies can have a relaxed holiday – high in the mountains. Over 1,500 metres of altitude, there are very few mites due to the low humidity – while at 2,000 metres of altitude in Josl, they are completely unknown. With a particularly pleasant design and furnishing of the building for allergy sufferers, the interior atmosphere also creates an all-round sense of well-being. Natural stone, solid woods and the special way that the hotel is kept ensures there is dust-free and antistatic air in the whole of Josl. It is a place where you can forget about all your allergies.

Food intolerance?

Healthy, top-quality culinary delights in Josl

A healthy and top-quality culinary offering is one of the most important things when it comes to enjoying a holiday. Our kitchen team is known for conjuring up fresh delicacies every day from natural regional produce with plenty of variety. We know that in Central Europe one in four people suffers from a food intolerance. We cater especially for these people in Josl and take their requirements very seriously. If possible, please inform us before your arrival of your special dietary needs. Lactose intolerance or the likes of glucose intolerance or coeliac disease can be considered by our specially trained chefs, for instance. > Wellness > Healthiness
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