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Discover our massage offers at the josl. 

Take your time

You should take plenty of time after each treatment. Seek peace and tranquillity. Drink lots of water and maybe you can lie down afterwards. A walk in the fresh air will work wonders.


Illnesses and muscle tension are a job for a medical masseur. These are treated by medical prescription and are not offered as part of cosmetic treatments or wellness massages.

The goal of our proposed applications are
  • stress reduction,
  • deep relaxation,
  • relaxation of the whole body,
  • balancing your energy flow,
  • release of blockages,
  • strengthen your self-healing powers of the immune system as well. 

Special massages


Relaxation for shoulders, neck, head and face.

25 min € 38,00

Aroma Oil Massage (Partial Body Massage)

Pure relaxation by combining essential oils and a relaxing massage.

25 min € 42,00

Hot Stone Massage

A fascinationg combination of massage, energetic treatment and the soothing effect of hot stones solve the most persistent tension and pain points.

50 min € 75,00

Herbal Stamp Massage With Oil

In this traditional Asian massage are combined thermal applications, special techniques and Alpine healing factors. The body is massaged with heated herbal in a special rhythm. Your body becomes relaxed and harmonized by the combination of oils.

50 min € 76,00

Aroma Oil Treatment (Full Body Treatment)

For this treatment soothing oil based on natural ingredients is applied and massaged in gentle and circular movements. The skin becomes soft and tender.

50 min € 74,00

Classic massages

Partial Body Massage

Relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and soothing. Optional for the lumbar region, shoulder or legs.

25 min € 38,00

Full Body Massage

Relieves muscle tension and is good for your legs, arms and abdomen.

50 min € 75,00

Appointment Booking

Reserve right now a spa treatment for your stay at the josl Mountain Lounging
with the form beside or call +43 5256 / 6205.

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