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we say THANK YOU for another great winter season and enter into the summer break.

From 21.11.2024 our house is open again.

Of course, we are available until then from Monday - Friday by phone from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and  by mail.


Experience sensuous moments of luxury on your winter spa holiday at the 4-star adults-only Hotel Josl in Obergurgl. Relax and unwind at our hotel. What could be better than a relaxing spa visit after a winter’s day of skiing, snow-shoe trekking or a mountain hike? The atmosphere in our lifestyle hotel in the Ötz Valley is unique and will enchant you. An amazing, top-class experience is provided by the Sky Sphere spa – 500 m² enclosed by a wide glass façade on the fourth and fifth floors of the building. Unwind as you take in the view of the Ötz Valley mountain world.

Relax on the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel

The Sky Sphere features two different sauna areas. The nudist section is located on the 4th floor and the swimwear section is on the 5th floor. In total we pamper our guests with seven different saunas and steam baths that cater to all tastes: a bio-sauna, a Finnish sauna, a saline steam bath, an aromatic steam bath, an indoor and an outdoor pool, two sensuous relaxation areas with breathtaking views of the Alps and a sun terrace. Allow you self to be spirited away with our sensuous scents and relaxing music. At the 4-star Hotel Josl you are in the best hands. Enjoy some stimulating moments in our magical spa area.

Nudist section

The bio-sauna is an alternating bath scented with a mixture of fresh herbs. With 40°C–65°C radiant heat and humidity of 40–45%, your body is heated slowly and gently. Afterwards we recommend a cold shower experience to properly cool down. This stimulates the circulation. Finally, it’s a good idea to move around a little. This will relax the muscles and boost the heart and the circulation.

In the aromatic steam bath, floral extracts fill the room with a mildly scented steam. The excellent effects of flowers on the human body has long been known, for example in the form of Bach’s floral remedies. The radiant heat also creates the conditions for a perfect spa experience and the body is properly purified.

The Finnish sauna is an alternating bath heated between 85°C and 90°C with a humidity between 5 and 10% that slowly heats up your body. Afterwards you cool down in the shower and then lie down in the relaxation room for about 15 minutes.

Do you feel the need to inhale salty, healthy sea air? It’s possible in our saline bath. The saline droplets are similar in size to the droplets of steam and are distributed throughout the sauna with the rising steam. After a short while, a salty oceanic climate is created in the room. After your sauna session, unwind in our panoramic relaxation room.

Swimwear section

In addition to the nudist section, the spa hotel in Obergurgl also offers a swimwear sauna area especially for our international guests who are used to a different sauna culture. Here, swimwear is actively encouraged. In our swimwear sauna with its bio-sauna and infrared cabin, you can enjoy your sauna in your bathing clothes.

In the bio-sauna your body is gently heated at a room temperature of max. 40°C. The deep warmth is created via the long-wave infrared-C rays that have a very gentle effect on the body. Afterwards, unwind in our relaxation rooms with their stunning views of Obergurgl and the ski slopes. You can also repeat the session if you wish.


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